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Admission Date – NOC – Oxford – Here We Go!


Admission into NOC early today, i’m first up so have to get ready quickly. Can’t remember much after this apart from being wheeled up to theatre by a porter,  then deep sleep!….

Churchill Hospital Stay – Oxford – 5 Days


Whilst in hospital I was visited by Nicky Samways, Fran Woodhouse & Cat Bowes (all stoma nurses) who I had met previously, they are great at putting your mind at ease and showing you how to care for your stoma and equipment involved.

All nurses looking after me were excellent but there is always one that stands out from the crowd ‘Roger’ a senior staff nurse originally from the Philippines, awesome man in every way who took the time to talk about anything and everything whilst administering my drugs & to my family when they were in (even told me about the stash of milkshake energy drinks you could help yourself to) 🙂

Stoma took around 4 days to start working, once this was ok Mr George instructed I could go home to recuperate….

First Meeting With Oxford Sarcoma Team – Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) – Oxford




First trip to Oxford, meeting with Mr Duncan Whitwell’s Fellow.

Advised an Ultrasound Guided Biopsy needed to be carried out that day, this was scheduled for the afternoon so I waited around. Also advised a PET scan will be required, this is to be carried out ASAP. They will be in touch for next meeting and results….