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Colostomy Reversal Preformed!

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Updating blog from the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK as I had the reversal yesterday preformed by Mr Bruce George, all seem to go to plan and i’m feeling well. Passing things so everything seems to be working as it should be for now! 🙂

Looking to be discharged tomorrow or Sunday at the latest as they are more than impressed with my recovery so far.

Sigmoidoscopy – John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford, UK


Mr Bruce George (my colostomy surgeon) wanted to carry out a Sigmoidoscopy to make sure everything was well with my bowel and lower rectum area (after being out of action a year so far) I’m glad this is only required once as it’s not a nice procedure!

He is happy that all is fine and will now proceed with the reversal operation and advised i’m already on the waiting list  🙂

Await date for reversal op….

Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Dr Sally Trent


Appointment today as a follow up with Dr Sally Trent, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, meeting was also attended by Mr Duncan Whitwell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Meeting soon started discussions about PBT abroad and they think this is the right treatment for me, Dr Trent to apply to central NHS funding and get back to us in around 3 weeks.

I also had an MRI today (luckily there was a cancellation) so we should also find out the results of this in around 3 weeks time.

Bloody traffic again! best part of 5 hours round trip!

Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Mr Jeremy Reynolds


Follow up appointment today with Mr Jeremy Reynolds, Consultant Spinal Surgeon. He is very happy with my recovery so far calling me ‘a model case’ he also started discussing the opportunity of Proton Beam Therapy in the USA or French/Swiss border. He advised Dr Sally Trent would discuss this with me at the next meeting (next Monday)

Traffic on Oxford ring road is stupid now, best part of 5 hour round trip for a 15 min appointment!

Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Ms Lucy Cogswell

Appointment today as a follow up with Ms Lucy Cogswell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.


Unfortunately Ms Cogswell was not available today so I was seen by another member of the team, did not get her name but she was French judging by the accent!. She removed my dressing to assess the wound and was very happy with progress and said I no longer need any dressings as it was totally healed! 🙂


NOC Stay After Major Surgery – Oxford – 17 Days


Seemed to have lost a day as can’t remember anything from yesterday (the day after op) I was told I was in theatre for a total of 9 hours! but all went to plan with little blood loss and good margins on tumour removal (including coccyx removal and spine up to the middle of S3) was also told it was ‘peeled’ off the bowel. I’m still being pumped with morphine so cannot feel anything. Great to see my wife & daughter today as I know how hard it’s been for them over the last few days, apparently I spoke to my wife on the phone at some point but I can’t remember! I was apparently slurring my words (that will be the morphine then!) I’m on a sort of air bed that moves around under me to stop pressure sores because the plastics team have said i’m not allowed to get out of bed for 14 days.

One problem I had was a doctor had missed a vein for an IV line (or it had come out) this was attached to a morphine pump with a trigger button, I did complain to nurses a few times this did not feel right but carried on with it after I was told it was ok. After the morphine tube run out and I felt no pain relief I asked the nurses again, by this point I had a lump at the bottom of my left arm (near my elbow) so I had been pumping it straight into my arm! New IV line was put in the other arm and this operated as normal.

Over the following days/week I start to feel stronger although feeling uncomfortable now as off morphine, i’m on Tramadol and Paracetamol now. Originally had two drains & a catheter but one drain has been taken out now.


All staff were great and as usual one always stands out! Magdalana a young petite spanish nurse who for some reason was always looking after me when she was on shift! always kind and helped me out when I needed it, we had a laugh at her misinterpretations of things (spanish to english) but we got there in the end, thank you so much.

Hospital food not bad although stuck to the same things! jacket potato for lunch and soup & roll for tea!


Had multiple visits from surgeons & doctors during my stay who were looking after my case, Mr Reynolds came to see me most days and if he was in surgery someone else from his team came to visit to report back to ‘The Chief” 🙂

Lots of visitors came during my stay, family & friends many thanks you you all and your kind words and cards (and sweets Sally & family!)


Finally after a week or so the last drain came out, after this I tried to get mobile with assistance from Physio (thanks guys) was not easy to start with but we got there in the end.


Towards the end of my stay the last thing to do was to remove the catheter, this was done early in the morning and I just relaxed and awaited the need to pee……unfortunately this turned into a problem, although I wanted to go I could not. An ultrasound of my bladder (to see if it was filling) was ordered ASAP as I was starting to feel pain now, unfortunately this was not working! 30 or so mins later I was really in pain so a doctor was called as an emergency. As soon as he turned up he spun into action to re-insert a catheter and wow instant relief! I filled a 1 ltr bag straight away! and another half a bag once that was emptied! the catheter stayed in the next day and then we re-tried the following day, luckily this time I managed to pee in the bathroom, only a little and very slow but it was a start.

The following day I was allowed to go home, I enjoyed my stay here and was a bit worried about returning home (as you get used to having people around you if you have any problems) The journey home was a bit strange as I had not seen the outside world for some time and also had to lay on my side (still cannot sit upright on my backside for now)

To all NOC staff, thank you so much for you kindness and help during my stay….


Churchill Hospital Stay – Oxford – 5 Days


Whilst in hospital I was visited by Nicky Samways, Fran Woodhouse & Cat Bowes (all stoma nurses) who I had met previously, they are great at putting your mind at ease and showing you how to care for your stoma and equipment involved.

All nurses looking after me were excellent but there is always one that stands out from the crowd ‘Roger’ a senior staff nurse originally from the Philippines, awesome man in every way who took the time to talk about anything and everything whilst administering my drugs & to my family when they were in (even told me about the stash of milkshake energy drinks you could help yourself to) 🙂

Stoma took around 4 days to start working, once this was ok Mr George instructed I could go home to recuperate….