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The Day Is Here – USA Here We Come!!

Few updates to come – sorry I have left it a while!

Busy day today had no sleep overnight!

BA upgraded us to Club World for our main flight from London Heathrow to Miami result! at least I could sit/lie down in comfort for 9 hours, we enjoyed the lounges at Heathrow (and the bacon butties!) We were even escorted to our gate by a very nice BA employee 🙂 Flight was good and we enjoyed the on-board entertainment & top notch food!

IMG_0874 IMG_0875

IMG_0881 IMG_0882



Arrived at Miami to HEAT! & usual stuff (passport control/collect bags) then to re-check in for the Jacksonville flight. Did not have much time here as we were on-time for the next flight, delayed on the tarmac for 30-40 mins due to storms over Orlando and they were trying to find an alternative route, when we did take off you could see storms along one side of the airplane all the way to Jacksonville. Ride was a bit bumpy in places!

Arrived at Jacksonville and collected bags, at least they all made it! We were collected by a taxi (Limousine) arranged by the Proton Centre, driver was great and very chatty on way back to apartment. Took in some sights on the way back, shame it was dark!

Arrived at apartment, wow better than the pictures. Huge rooms and cool  air at last! I think we will be very comfortable during our stay here!

Note: NHS have refunded our travel costs/Insurance/ESTA costs.