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CT Simulation – UFPTI

A bit later today @ 9:30am thankfully!

Had CT Simulation today (including dye) and the body mould made for me, took around an hour or so. Lots of marks put on me for when they line me up on my return in a few weeks! Treatment starts 9th October!!





Filled up the car with ‘gas’ tonight, $34 from empty (£19!) 🙂

Tried out KFC tonight, what are mash & gravy and biscuits all about? 🙂

CT Scan – Southampton General Hospital


A CT scan was ordered by Mr Mirnezami to cross reference with the previous MRI scan, this was carried out with something injected via an IV line during the scan, unfortunately I passed out when they were putting the line in! (i’m no lover of needles!) I came around and was ok so the scan continued successfully….