MRI Scan – Basingstoke Hospital


Turned up at Basingstoke Hospital for the MRI scan Mr Moore had ordered and was a bit shocked as it was to be carried out in a mobile lorry! Could only manage around 5 mins on my back this time in the machine as the pain was too much so ejected early! radiologist said don’t worry as they had enough for basic images….

This Pain Is Not Going Away!

IMG_0658 IMG_0659Appointment with my GP Dr. Mark Scowen, MB ChB (1980) DLO at Adelaide Medical Centre, Andover, we discussed the problem again and he had a look at the area I was complaining of pain and the lump. He asked me to lie on my side and lift my legs up, I asked if he could see the lump (as obviously I could not only feel it, I got my wife to take these pictures) and he said it was visible from the other side of the room! He discussed the possibly of ‘Jeeps Disease’ never heard of this but he is referring me to someone who is a specialist in this area of the body….

The Beginning Of A Pain In The Rear!

So the start of the story………(summarised but its still long!)

I had always been uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time (seminars/cinemas/flights/motorbike/car etc.) and some back pain as long as I could remember (10+ years at least) but just got on with it as it caused no major problems…..


It was the summer of 2010 and we had decided to go out for a summer evening family bicycle ride (I had not ridden a push bike in years!) I only got around 100 meters from the house and felt a snap/twang in the ‘bottom area’ and immediately sharp shooting pains up my back! My wife thought I was joking as we had only just left the house and thought I was trying to get out of the ride! I could no longer sit on the saddle so pushed the bike back home. Pain was bad so next day called GP to book an appointment, got seen as an emergency the next day and was told I had bruised or sprained the coccyx so rest was needed and 2 weeks off work and strong pain killers! After the two or so weeks things got better but were never to be the same….I returned to work and got on with things as you do but was still having problems getting in/out of the car and anything to do with sitting….this improved over time but went back to the original pain when sitting for long periods….

Roll on a year (maybe a couple of years later) and I went back to my GP, he suggested further investigation and referred me to Winchester Hospital under the care of Mr John Fowler, Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon. He carried out an examination and ordered my very first MRI that was carried out a month or so later. The MRI showed no breaks or problems in his eyes (shame the chordoma was totally missed as it was there when future surgeons looked at it years later) as the image was ‘blurred’ probably because I was in agony in the MRI scanner from laying on a hard board! he dismissed any problems and sent me for Pain Management with Dr Dominic Aldington, Consultant Anaesthetist & Pain Specialist. Dr Aldington carried out a procedure in Feb 2013 where they inject anaesthetic mixed with a steroid? in a theatre environment to each side of the coccyx, first injection was fine but the second I nearly hit the roof with pain, like a hot needle going in (not know at the time but they injected straight into the tumour!) He did note a lump present at the time and said I should get it looked into….pain for a couple of days was better but it returned soon after….

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