First MRI Results After PBT – Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, UK

Results are in! 🙂

Baseline scan is looking good and clear for now, we were seen by Dr Sally Trent today. Next scan booked for early September (every 6 months for first few years) and results meeting booked for mid September.

Now awaiting colostomy reversal dates from Mr George’s team (pre-op etc) Dr Trent to chase this up.

Sigmoidoscopy – John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford, UK


Mr Bruce George (my colostomy surgeon) wanted to carry out a Sigmoidoscopy to make sure everything was well with my bowel and lower rectum area (after being out of action a year so far) I’m glad this is only required once as it’s not a nice procedure!

He is happy that all is fine and will now proceed with the reversal operation and advised i’m already on the waiting list  🙂

Await date for reversal op….

Colostomy Reversal Meeting – Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK

FF0000  Bruce_George

Follow up appointment today at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK with Mr Bruce George (who carried out the original procedure last year) seems very happy with my progress so far and said reversal should go ahead after examining me. He wants to carry out a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (camera up anus) to make sure all is well with the bowel, something to look forward to! 😦 This will be carried out at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the near future (now confirmed to be 10/03/15) and if all is well then I will be put on the reversal waiting list 🙂

Have also had my first MRI follow up date through as March 2nd and another follow up meeting on March 23rd so going to be a busy start to the year!

First Follow Up Appointments In UK


First follow up today since returning from the USA a month ago at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, UK (Oxford NHS Trust)

First seen by Dr. Sally Trent who seems happy with my progress so far, we discussed PBT carried out in the USA, my blog! & future MRI scans, they are to be carried out at 3 month intervals for now so the next will be in around two months time (3 months post last PBT) Dr. Trent is also now referring me for Colostomy reversal with Mr Bruce George (who carried out the original procedure last year) await to hear from his team for meeting/pre-op in the near future 🙂

We were also asked by Dr. Trent if we would speak to another patient ‘Malcolm’ who is possibly going to have PBT for Chordoma treatment, I’m so pleased to have discussed treatment and all aspects of PBT in the US with a fellow patient (and also another Southampton referral!) I just wish this was available for us when we were in that position last year! Good luck with everything Malcolm and I hope the chat helped you, please let us know how you get on or contact me if you need any further information.

Was also seen today by Duncan Whitwell & his fellow, again they seem happy with my progress so far, he ordered me two X-Rays today (chest & pelvis) also we also discussed aching and ‘pins & needles/dead area’ on the back of my left leg, seems I need to give it more time as it’s only been 6 months post surgery so will stay on the Tramodol for now (which helps me no end!)

Overall a very good day in the scheme of things so far, looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ now, first day at work was last Friday so back to it tomorrow for the rest of the week after the day off today.

Just a note the blog has now gone over 4000 hits worldwide!

Merry Christmas….

Dear Family, Friends, Followers, Medical Staff & Fellow Survivors (Worldwide)

May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a (healthy) Happy New Year, many thanks for following my journey with Chordoma so far, your posts, emails and messages have kept us going throughout this incredible journey. The blog has now hit over 3,800 views worldwide since starting in August this year! I plan to keep it going into 2015 and beyond….


Love & best wishes ‘Team Blick’ xxxx

Final proton done!


Today’s ringing of the bell marks our last treatment and the end of our proton beam journey here in Jacksonville, Florida! 🙂 39 treatments, 73 days so far (although feels like more!) and we are ready to return home to the UK this weekend.



I can’t thank the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute’s staff enough for helping us through this long journey.

My backside however is not looking forward to the journey home, I will spare you the pictures of that for now!

Special mentions go to: –

Dr. Ronny Rotondo (Top guy!)



Karen Lopez-Bunk (Top Lady!)


Tracy Edwards (Sorry forgot to get a picture with you so website photo will have to do!)


Bradlee Robbert (Too funny…….for the touuuurrrr)


All members of staff treating in the yellow room (guys I will be shooting you soon on Xbox Live/PS4!) Matt, Al, Heather – Cold Hands, Morgan, Zac & all the others I missed the names of!)

Justin Pigg (My first Radiologist, shame he moved rooms during my treatment!) The nicest guy anyone could meet….ever!


Friends we have met along the way (James, Tyne & boys, Bob & Sabrina, Kim, Chris & girls) hopefully friends for life 🙂

Bob Mower (Fellow Chordoma Patient from Coventry, UK) Only person I have ever met with the same condition as me in the same area! we are definatly 1 in a million!


And last but not least my family, Gem & Lauren have been there every step of the way…..


Looking forward to a well earned rest and Xmas at home with all the family….hopefully early ish 2015 colostomy reversal & the end (for now) of this incredible Chordoma journey.


Cyclotron Broken Down At UFPTI :(

An extra treatment day was put on yesterday (Sunday 23rd November) to keep up with treatments over the ‘Thanksgiving Holidays’ unfortunately we were called and advised the cyclotron had broken down and was being repaired so no treatments would happen that day 😦

Forward to today (Monday 24th November) and we got a phone call at 08:30am to let us know the machine is still down and they would call us later in the day to advise of timings etc. We received a call from them later in the morning bringing my Doctors appointment forward to today at 13:30 (from Wednesday) during the visit I caught up with a radiologist who explained a leak had been detected and repairs were underway with hopes to re-start appointments later this evening (treating through the night)

Well it’s 21:35 now and we have just heard from them to state no treatments again today 😦

Let’s hope they get back on track tomorrow as today was my only contingency day, 8 more treatments to go with only 7 treatment days before we fly back!

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