Being Released Today!


With all things going better than expected (for once) I have been advised I can leave for home today!

My dressing was changed today so for the first time I could see the wound that was left from the formation of the stoma, very neat & tidy, this is to be changed every few days or so for a few weeks.

Just got to keep an eye on output for now to make sure no blockages occur!

Happy dance for today!

Colostomy Reversal Preformed!

FF0000  Bruce_George

Updating blog from the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK as I had the reversal yesterday preformed by Mr Bruce George, all seem to go to plan and i’m feeling well. Passing things so everything seems to be working as it should be for now! 🙂

Looking to be discharged tomorrow or Sunday at the latest as they are more than impressed with my recovery so far.

First MRI Results After PBT – Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, UK

Results are in! 🙂

Baseline scan is looking good and clear for now, we were seen by Dr Sally Trent today. Next scan booked for early September (every 6 months for first few years) and results meeting booked for mid September.

Now awaiting colostomy reversal dates from Mr George’s team (pre-op etc) Dr Trent to chase this up.

Sigmoidoscopy – John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford, UK


Mr Bruce George (my colostomy surgeon) wanted to carry out a Sigmoidoscopy to make sure everything was well with my bowel and lower rectum area (after being out of action a year so far) I’m glad this is only required once as it’s not a nice procedure!

He is happy that all is fine and will now proceed with the reversal operation and advised i’m already on the waiting list  🙂

Await date for reversal op….

Colostomy Reversal Meeting – Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK

FF0000  Bruce_George

Follow up appointment today at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK with Mr Bruce George (who carried out the original procedure last year) seems very happy with my progress so far and said reversal should go ahead after examining me. He wants to carry out a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (camera up anus) to make sure all is well with the bowel, something to look forward to! 😦 This will be carried out at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the near future (now confirmed to be 10/03/15) and if all is well then I will be put on the reversal waiting list 🙂

Have also had my first MRI follow up date through as March 2nd and another follow up meeting on March 23rd so going to be a busy start to the year!

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