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2014 - at 41 years of age I am undergoing surgery & treatment for a Sacral Chordoma in the UK & USA under the NHS, please read my blog and contact me should you have any questions about this very rare relentless bone cancer. 2019 - Still going strong, yearly scans now.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,500 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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Follow Up Meeting – Churchill Hospital – Oxford, UK


Scheduled meeting today with my surgeon Mr Jeremy Reynolds (re-scheduled from March as it was my wife’s birthday that day!) This is the first time we have met with him since just before leaving for Jacksonville/PBT last year.

He is very happy with my progress and the scan results so far, we had discussions of the few problems I experience since surgery/PBT and my general wellbeing.

He also discussed other treatments in the pipeline possibly for future patients (not available to UK) and their merits however he is happy ‘I have had the best treatment available in the world today’ (His words)

It was nice to have a more laid back chat today without the worry of upcoming surgery/treatment for once! thank you again Jeremy & your team for everything you have done for me (I know he has read the blog so hopefully he will see this!) 🙂

Best wishes ‘Team Blick’

First day back to work!!

Well I have finally made it!

First day back to work and it’s nice to be out and about, things still settling down but ok for now.

I had my final follow up from Mr George yesterday (my colostomy surgeon) who is happy with my progress so far and has signed me off of his side of things.

Next MRI should be around September but for now to enjoy life and look forward to a well deserved (not booked yet!) holiday with some sun with the family 🙂

Update 4 weeks on….

Things seemed to be going well (slow but ok) after the colostomy reversal up until late last week, since then a problem has arisen where the muscles seemed to have stopped working or been very weak. I’m using laxative & lactulose twice per day but not much movement is happening now apart from the urge to go and other things laxatives do! I have reduced the Tramadol down to 1 per day for now as this can cause problems in that area but i’m still reliant on them for pain relief (will discuss maybe moving onto a different pain killer soon) they think I may have a slight blockage higher up (not a total block) as the lower end seems to be ok. I am now walking more as they advise this is good to get things moving. Hopefully things will return to normality soon as I was planning on going back to work today!

After visiting the nurse today she is happy with the wound that was left to heal naturally (they have been packing it almost daily since surgery) so I no longer have to keep a dressing on it 🙂

Being Released Today!


With all things going better than expected (for once) I have been advised I can leave for home today!

My dressing was changed today so for the first time I could see the wound that was left from the formation of the stoma, very neat & tidy, this is to be changed every few days or so for a few weeks.

Just got to keep an eye on output for now to make sure no blockages occur!

Happy dance for today!

Colostomy Reversal Preformed!

FF0000  Bruce_George

Updating blog from the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK as I had the reversal yesterday preformed by Mr Bruce George, all seem to go to plan and i’m feeling well. Passing things so everything seems to be working as it should be for now! 🙂

Looking to be discharged tomorrow or Sunday at the latest as they are more than impressed with my recovery so far.