Follow Up Meeting – Churchill Hospital – Oxford, UK


Scheduled meeting today with my surgeon Mr Jeremy Reynolds (re-scheduled from March as it was my wife’s birthday that day!) This is the first time we have met with him since just before leaving for Jacksonville/PBT last year.

He is very happy with my progress and the scan results so far, we had discussions of the few problems I experience since surgery/PBT and my general wellbeing.

He also discussed other treatments in the pipeline possibly for future patients (not available to UK) and their merits however he is happy ‘I have had the best treatment available in the world today’ (His words)

It was nice to have a more laid back chat today without the worry of upcoming surgery/treatment for once! thank you again Jeremy & your team for everything you have done for me (I know he has read the blog so hopefully he will see this!) 🙂

Best wishes ‘Team Blick’

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