Colostomy Reversal Preformed!

FF0000  Bruce_George

Updating blog from the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK as I had the reversal yesterday preformed by Mr Bruce George, all seem to go to plan and i’m feeling well. Passing things so everything seems to be working as it should be for now! 🙂

Looking to be discharged tomorrow or Sunday at the latest as they are more than impressed with my recovery so far.

3 thoughts on “Colostomy Reversal Preformed!”

      1. I am fine thanks Steve. I am back at work full time. As a result of the high levels of radiation on my pituitary gland, I am to see a hormone specialist and maybe need HRT as my testosterone is low. Other than tiredness, I am not far off being back to normal. My treatment was no where as complicated as yours, something I am grateful for.

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