First Follow Up Appointments In UK


First follow up today since returning from the USA a month ago at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, UK (Oxford NHS Trust)

First seen by Dr. Sally Trent who seems happy with my progress so far, we discussed PBT carried out in the USA, my blog! & future MRI scans, they are to be carried out at 3 month intervals for now so the next will be in around two months time (3 months post last PBT) Dr. Trent is also now referring me for Colostomy reversal with Mr Bruce George (who carried out the original procedure last year) await to hear from his team for meeting/pre-op in the near future 🙂

We were also asked by Dr. Trent if we would speak to another patient ‘Malcolm’ who is possibly going to have PBT for Chordoma treatment, I’m so pleased to have discussed treatment and all aspects of PBT in the US with a fellow patient (and also another Southampton referral!) I just wish this was available for us when we were in that position last year! Good luck with everything Malcolm and I hope the chat helped you, please let us know how you get on or contact me if you need any further information.

Was also seen today by Duncan Whitwell & his fellow, again they seem happy with my progress so far, he ordered me two X-Rays today (chest & pelvis) also we also discussed aching and ‘pins & needles/dead area’ on the back of my left leg, seems I need to give it more time as it’s only been 6 months post surgery so will stay on the Tramodol for now (which helps me no end!)

Overall a very good day in the scheme of things so far, looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ now, first day at work was last Friday so back to it tomorrow for the rest of the week after the day off today.

Just a note the blog has now gone over 4000 hits worldwide!