Cyclotron Broken Down At UFPTI :(

An extra treatment day was put on yesterday (Sunday 23rd November) to keep up with treatments over the ‘Thanksgiving Holidays’ unfortunately we were called and advised the cyclotron had broken down and was being repaired so no treatments would happen that day 😦

Forward to today (Monday 24th November) and we got a phone call at 08:30am to let us know the machine is still down and they would call us later in the day to advise of timings etc. We received a call from them later in the morning bringing my Doctors appointment forward to today at 13:30 (from Wednesday) during the visit I caught up with a radiologist who explained a leak had been detected and repairs were underway with hopes to re-start appointments later this evening (treating through the night)

Well it’s 21:35 now and we have just heard from them to state no treatments again today 😦

Let’s hope they get back on track tomorrow as today was my only contingency day, 8 more treatments to go with only 7 treatment days before we fly back!

3 thoughts on “Cyclotron Broken Down At UFPTI :(”

  1. Oh dear.. that’s why they like to have a gap before flying home.. will you have to alter flights? Unusual for breakdowns..but you will be home for Christmas.. make most of weather.. it’s horrible and damp here..xx


    1. Hi Sue, as the NHS were ‘having issues’ booking my flights and messing me about I ended up doing it myself and they then refunded me, I did ask UFPTI for dates as to when I should book each way so that’s what I did (I still have the email if I get problems) If they need to move the flights they will be paying as it’s non-refundable tickets! When I got in the car today it was saying 100F lol


  2. Looks as if everything is getting back to normal now after a bit of a ‘balls up’ I have had two further treatments in the last 24hrs, still unhappy with their communication (as are everyone else being treated!) They are putting on extra days Friday & Saturday this week to catch up so all being well with the machine we will be finished Thursday next week and fly back on the Saturday! (6 more treatments to go! 🙂 )


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