Update – Treatment into final stages

Today I was moved into the final phase of my treatment plan (treating the pre-op tumour area) this was treatment number 29 with 10 to go! can’t wait now!

As you can see from the picture below this has zoomed into the main area of surgery, nice picture of a flower too! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Update – Treatment into final stages”

  1. Hi. Steve, I have been following your blog with interest. I too am in Jacksonville having the remnants of a clival chordoma removed by PBT. I am to have my 25th treatment out of 28 tonight. After that, I have 13 more focused treatments, taking the total to 41. I landed in Jax on the 24th Dec,had expected to fly back to the UK on the 13th Dec, but due to a delayed start (completion of tooling), I will now be flying back to Manchester, on 18th Dec. the good news is that we are getting to the end of the treatment and should be home for Christmas. All of my treat,nets are late at night (12:05 tonight), that explains why I have never introduced myself to you 😊

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    1. Hi Dave, good to hear from you and i’m glad your treatment is also coming to and end, I did not know they treated that late? where are you staying?

      All the best


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