Getting Ready For Session Number 9

Can’t believe it will be 9 already today, just 30 to go! we are just getting up at 12pm 🙂 session is at 16:05 today.

Still feeling a bit stiff/sore so have been given more Tramadol for it, seem to work well. Also using some Aquaphor healing ointment that was recommended to us at the proton centre to keep the skin in good condition.

We had been here for 4 weeks yesterday, seems to go fast & slow if you know what I mean. Now to decide what shops to go to later and where to go for dinner!




2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Session Number 9”

  1. Its been cold damp and dull since you left. No change back home, the close doesn’t change much and nothing exciting to report back. You should be home in about 8 weeks? How’s mother Blick getting on? All shopped out? Is that even possible?! 😜 this blog needs some pic’s ……. But no rear shots please!!

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  2. Just looked only 6 more weeks after this week! Gem is still finding shops don’t worry about that! I have worked out America is too cheap, too hot & too big! 🙂


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