Getting Ready For Session Number 9

Can’t believe it will be 9 already today, just 30 to go! we are just getting up at 12pm 🙂 session is at 16:05 today.

Still feeling a bit stiff/sore so have been given more Tramadol for it, seem to work well. Also using some Aquaphor healing ointment that was recommended to us at the proton centre to keep the skin in good condition.

We had been here for 4 weeks yesterday, seems to go fast & slow if you know what I mean. Now to decide what shops to go to later and where to go for dinner!




5 Sessions Done So Far

I have had 5 sessions so far, all been ok but think I can feel it a little now (feeling stiff) Got a doctors appointment tomorrow before my next session (happens once per week) to keep a check on how things are going.

We also celebrated my daughters 17th birthday ‘American Style’ tonight at The Cheesecake Factory, awesome food again and were joined by our new ‘Scottish Friends’ we have met at the Proton Centre 🙂







First Proton Session Done!

Had my first session today at UFPTI, all going to plan.

Had a meeting with my nurse & Dr. Ronny first to discuss treatment and the areas to be treated (see pic!) also saw results of MRI from a few weeks ago (no reoccurrence again!) 🙂 They also discussed about skin management and possible sores occurring due to treatment a few weeks down the line.


Not much to say about the treatment really as you can’t feel anything (and I can’t see anything due to me lying face down!) lots of moving around on the table for positioning and then lots of noises, first one is longer than normal due to positioning and extra checks.

Back tomorrow at 16:20 for next one (38 to go!)

Loving the Florida sunshine!