MRI Scan – Last Visit For Now

Had an MRI Scan (with dye) across the road from the Proton Centre today, this is my last visit for now until treatment starts on the 9th October!

Visited the local shopping mall at St. Johns Town Centre today (just up the road from where we are staying) WOW we will have to make multiple visits as an afternoon only did a 1/3 of it! Unfortunately there is an Apple store there (say no more!)

We had dinner out tonight at ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ awesome food (ribeye to die for), not the cheapest but great service! not enough room for the cheesecake so had that takeout!








Time for sleep, nothing to get up for now for a few days! (just a Walmart visit for more food/household items tomorrow) and then a relaxing weekend and a catch up on UK TV! (thanks to & BBC iPlayer/ITV Player lol)

2 thoughts on “MRI Scan – Last Visit For Now”

    1. We have not met him yet in person but were asked to bring over some Quavers for him from another patient we have got to know on Facebook who is being treated here, i’m sure he enjoyed them as they are not available in the US! šŸ™‚


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