Last Day At Work!

Last day at work today for me, lots to sort out over the next four days before we are USA bound on Monday.

Most of our services have been great (some not so good) giving discounts or cancelling whilst we are away to save on costs although this has taken considerable time to arrange via email and phone calls. Almost nothing available to help (benefits) unless you are unemployed and live in rented accommodation! (no change there then!) luckily family are helping with some of the costs.

All expenses so far have been sent to the NHS (flights, insurance & ESTA costs) so hopefully this will be settled quickly as I’m out of pocket just over 2k!

Lots of contact from Proton Centre so far with info on our stay and consultation dates etc….we are staying here, we have a 2 bedroomed apartment, all looks nice!

Just the packing and to get the house ready now, it’s a bit strange as we normally go ‘on holiday’ for a week or so but with three months to think about it’s totally different!

Special thanks to ‘Go Vapour‘ Andover for getting me enough supplies in to last the trip!


4 thoughts on “Last Day At Work!”

  1. I know how you are feeling.. we went off July last year to Jax..9 days notice!!! was an amazing experience, and we met several lovely uk and usa patients..Dont worry too much about it, it all works out..and you will be cared for expertly…i will watch your blog with interest… sue

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