Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Dr Sally Trent


Appointment today as a follow up with Dr Sally Trent, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, meeting was also attended by Mr Duncan Whitwell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Meeting soon started discussions about PBT abroad and they think this is the right treatment for me, Dr Trent to apply to central NHS funding and get back to us in around 3 weeks.

I also had an MRI today (luckily there was a cancellation) so we should also find out the results of this in around 3 weeks time.

Bloody traffic again! best part of 5 hours round trip!

Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Mr Jeremy Reynolds


Follow up appointment today with Mr Jeremy Reynolds, Consultant Spinal Surgeon. He is very happy with my recovery so far calling me ‘a model case’ he also started discussing the opportunity of Proton Beam Therapy in the USA or French/Swiss border. He advised Dr Sally Trent would discuss this with me at the next meeting (next Monday)

Traffic on Oxford ring road is stupid now, best part of 5 hour round trip for a 15 min appointment!

Follow Up Appointment NOC Outpatients – Oxford – Ms Lucy Cogswell

Appointment today as a follow up with Ms Lucy Cogswell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.


Unfortunately Ms Cogswell was not available today so I was seen by another member of the team, did not get her name but she was French judging by the accent!. She removed my dressing to assess the wound and was very happy with progress and said I no longer need any dressings as it was totally healed! 🙂