Day Of Colostomy Surgery – Churchill Hospital – Oxford


Arrived in good time ready for the operation, had a bit of a wait (mid-morning) spoke to Mr Bruce George before going down to theatre, Stoma Nurse marked position on my belly where stoma would be.

Said goodbye to my wife and daughter (very hard for all of us at this point) and walked down to theatre, people were great in the pre-theater room, needless to say I was soon drifting off and fell asleep….

Came around in the recovery room with lots of beds around me some hours┬álater and felt fine, no pain or side effects, was even having a laugh with nurses and porter who wheeled me to my room….

Nice room, feel like i’m in private accommodation! own shower room and toilet (from what I can see lying in my bed) bit sleepy now so have a nap. Next thing I know my wife is on the phone and I said it will be ok if she came back in to see me today (told her not to before surgery) as I felt fine.


Was great to see my wife and daughter after the events of the day (harder for them though!) sleep now….