Meeting With Mr Jeremy Reynolds – Churchill Hospital – Oxford


First meeting with Mr Jeremy Reynolds, Consultant Spinal Surgeon MB, ChB, FRCS (T&O) he is a hard man to get hold of as we have been waiting months to see him!

It’s hard to type this part (as i’m doing it retrospectively) as this man had my life in his very capable hands!

Very nice man but again straight to the point (and scary at times, sorry Jeremy!) he has a certain persona about him, thats why everyone around him refers to him as ‘The Chief’ 🙂

He discussed the whole procedure of the chordoma removal including going through all the MRI/CT/PET scans (even the very early MRI where the tumour had been missed) He said he would carry this out with the help of a plastic surgeon. The worst part of the meeting was discussions about morbidity, bleed out, double incontinence, sexual disfunction & mobility issues arising from surgery. Hard to take in but he put our minds at ease (well maybe only a little) as he is so confident in what he does. Now await pre-op and getting more worried by the day 😦