Churchill Hospital Stay – Oxford – 5 Days


Whilst in hospital I was visited by Nicky Samways, Fran Woodhouse & Cat Bowes (all stoma nurses) who I had met previously, they are great at putting your mind at ease and showing you how to care for your stoma and equipment involved.

All nurses looking after me wereĀ excellent but there is always one that stands out from the crowd ‘Roger’ a senior staff nurse originally from the Philippines, awesome man in every way who took the time to talk about anything and everything whilst administering my drugs & to my family when they were in (even told me about the stash of milkshake energy drinks you could help yourself to) šŸ™‚

Stoma took around 4 days to start working, once this was ok Mr George instructed I could go home to recuperate….

Day Of Colostomy Surgery – Churchill Hospital – Oxford


Arrived in good time ready for the operation, had a bit of a wait (mid-morning) spoke to Mr Bruce George before going down to theatre, Stoma Nurse marked position on my belly where stoma would be.

Said goodbye to my wife and daughter (very hard for all of us at this point) and walked down to theatre, people were great in the pre-theater room, needless to say I was soon drifting off and fell asleep….

Came around in the recovery room with lots of beds around me some hoursĀ later and felt fine, no pain or side effects, was even having a laugh with nurses and porter who wheeled me to my room….

Nice room, feel like i’m in private accommodation! own shower room and toilet (from what I can see lying in my bed) bit sleepy now so have a nap. Next thing I know my wife is on the phone and I said it will be ok if she came back in to see me today (told her not to before surgery) as I felt fine.


Was great to see my wife and daughter after the events of the day (harder for them though!) sleep now….


Day Before Colostomy Surgery – At Home

Woke up with a big list of things to do (instructions from the pre-op)

Will not go through everything from today as there is a lot but needless to say the sennakot and citramag clear you out so will not be moving far from the picture below! šŸ™‚


I have the feeling we will not be getting much sleep tonight as we have to be in Oxford for 07:00 AM early start….

Meeting With Mr Jeremy Reynolds – Churchill Hospital – Oxford


First meeting with Mr Jeremy Reynolds,Ā Consultant Spinal SurgeonĀ MB, ChB, FRCS (T&O)Ā he is a hard man to get hold of as we have been waiting months to see him!

It’s hard to type this part (as i’m doing it retrospectively) as this man had my life in his very capable hands!

Very nice man but again straight to the point (and scary at times, sorry Jeremy!) he has a certain persona about him, thats why everyone around him refersĀ to him as ‘The Chief’ šŸ™‚

He discussed the whole procedure of the chordoma removal including going through all the MRI/CT/PET scans (even the very early MRIĀ where the tumour had been missed) He said he would carry this out with the help of a plastic surgeon. The worst part of the meeting was discussions about morbidity, bleed out, doubleĀ incontinence, sexual disfunction & mobility issues arising from surgery. Hard to take in but he put our minds at ease (well maybe only a little) as he is so confident in what he does. Now await pre-op and getting more worried by the day šŸ˜¦