Colostomy Pre-Op – John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford


Meeting with nurse today for the colostomy pre-op, usual things checked, weight, height, blood pressure & blood samples, and to sign consent to operate forms. Had a long chat about what needs to be done and got a large bag of things to take home with us: –

1. Pre-op drinks to be taken in the 24hrs lead up to surgery,

2. Shower Wash, anti-bacterial gel to wash with day before and morning of surgery, (everything including hair)

3. Nose Cream, peanut based cream to put around nostrils, something to do with MRSA,

4. Sennakot, to make you go!

5. Citramag, to be mixed with hot water (left to cool before drinking) makes you go lots!

Again seems pretty straight forward, await date for surgery now (starting to get scary!)

Colostomy Planning Meeting – John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford


First meeting with Mr Bruce George, Consultant in General and Colorectal Surgery. Very nice man but is straight to the point! he examined me and went through the procedure, seems fairly straight forward. This will be carried out as soon as pre-op is carried out, typically this cannot be done today! even though it’s in an adjoining room in the same hospital! grrrr….