Meeting Mr Alex Mirnezami – Southampton General Hospital

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Finally we got to meet Mr Mirnezami just before Christmas, such a nice man! he had a student with him and they both had a look at the lump and then discussed the MRI & CT scans. He immediately discussed the possibility of this being a Chordoma (I had never heard of this so did lots of reading afterwards!) he discussed briefly what it was and what could be done to remove it. He said he was happy to carry out the surgery himself at Southampton but my case had been discussed at a recent meeting and was decided it would be best to refer me to the Oxford Sarcoma Clinic who specialise in this type of tumour….

Finally this was the trigger point of my journey, a man who from just images correctly worked out what was wrong with me (educated guess or lucky I have no idea!) but I owe a lot to this man as he put me on the right track for the horrifying year ahead….